Altuzarra Spring Ensemble

Valentina saw this and couldn’t resist! Altuzarra’s ready to wear luxurious creations remind her of the woman she is! Are you as excited as we are? This is the perfect Spring to Summer Altuzarra outfit completed! Ok, let’s get started. Grab your mobile phone and click away on the links provided! We’ll give it allContinue reading “Altuzarra Spring Ensemble”

Family Night Discount!

Oh the fun we find when Priscilla and Valentina are shopping! We want to bring you all sorts of fun that our Secret Luxury Life affords! Take a moment and check this out! Don’t tell us that you’re bored because there are tons of different adventures to be taken today! Click here and enjoy theContinue reading “Family Night Discount!”

Introducing My Secret Luxury Life

Priscilla and I met at Bergdorf’s years ago while shopping. We lost touch for awhile, but now we’re back and better than ever! We’ve been thinking it’s time for us to put together a little shopping List of Luxury for you to enjoy like we do! All you have to do is click on theContinue reading “Introducing My Secret Luxury Life”